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Being originally from Vietnam, my experiences of hard work has let me know that one can achieve anything when their mind has been set on a particular goal. I am now fluent in both Vietnamese and English. My dedication and endless efforts have paid off for me and will undoubtedly contribute the same for my clients for the results one desires.

My view on being your Real Estate Consultant is a mixed philosophy of my in-depth business experiences combined with my listening, hearing, and understanding of your inputs while complying with them for maximum results. This philosophy also includes providing my client with the most commendable personal service and developing a satisfying friendship.

As your Real Estate Consultant, it is my goal to evolve a close and understanding relationship. Through my experiences this has been a common denominator to success. At the same time I provide professionalism, act promptly, and enthusiastically with positive reinforcement to ensure positive energy. As your consultant, I accept the responsibility of being dependable, reliable, and helpful in providing knowledgeable advice.

My business formula far exceeds the business aspect of a transaction and/or service. It is my accountability to ensure my client is satisfied and content long after our interaction. Whether we found a solution or not, I plan to keep in contact with positive vibes until a solution has been solved. I understand home buying is not a quick process and will do what it takes to create a stress free environment until our results are achieved.

With much experience under my belt, our journey begins and ends revolving around YOU, the client. I am here to gain your trust and walking us down the path of satisfaction. Everyone’s ultimate goal is to please their client. What distinguishes me from the rest is my ability to execute a plan and more times than not, find a resolution to your questions and produce solutions on what you came to me for.

I look forward to developing our relationship and working as a team to get the results we want.

Kim Doan

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address16719 Huebner Rd., Bldg 4
San Antonio, TX 78248
state license #tx 616804

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